Music Soothes, And Much More Posted January 17, 2019


Contributed By: Activities Coordinator Courtney

Music is a very useful tool for those providing care to a senior (playing, singing and/or listening). It can reduce anxiety and decrease stress. It can boost mood and improve mind frame. It can be used to help people to sleep. A familiar tune has the ability to encourage more cognitive activity in a person with Alzheimer's disease. I pick music I feel the person will find enjoyable. I recommend adjusting the volume so as not to startle, yet make sure it is loud enough to be easily heard by those with a hearing impairment. Interruptions to the music can be a detriment, so I don't recommend radio. Our residents really enjoy live music activities. They sing along, clap and tap their feet. On this occasion, Skip Morton performed songs by Neil Diamond, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Elvis.

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