Making the decision to move an aging parent to a senior living facility isn’t easy. However, if Mom or Dad is missing appointments, falling, or experiencing mental health issues related to loneliness or cognitive decline, the time might be right.

As an adult child, you hope your parents live as peacefully and safely as possible and that you can spend quality time together. Being their primary caregiver might be putting a strain on you and your loved ones, and it’s okay to accept that and seek a change that benefits everyone.

What to Do When Elderly Parents Refuse to Go to an Assisted Living Facility

It’s usually obvious when it’s time to go to a nursing home, but the lines are more blurred with assisted living. A good plan is to speak to a trusted physician about whether the older person would be better off in an assisted living facility. If they say yes, ask them to plant the first seed with your parent.

For older people living at home, the idea of moving can feel stressful and frightening. Hearing the recommendation from a health care professional first could be the perfect way to introduce the idea of moving into an assisted living facility.

Caregiver with her patient bonding together - Ideas on How to Convince a Parent to Go to Assisted Living

Top 4 Ideas on How to Convince a Parent to Go to Assisted Living

If your parents need a little help with daily tasks or have early stage Alzheimer’s, staying in their own homes could limit their wellness. Some assisted living facilities have memory care divisions that are perfect for people with early stage dementia. Here are some ideas on how to convince a parent to go to assisted living.

1. Have Them Be Part of the Process

Research assisted living communities near you thoroughly to find the best ones. Make a shortlist and have your parent call each one to ask significant questions and be an active part of the process.

2. Wait for Teachable Moments About Well-Being

Ideally, try to wait for a teachable moment, such as after a fall or when your loved one expresses sadness at being lonely. They could be more receptive to hearing a solution when they’re experiencing a problem that living in an assisted living facility could solve.

3. Call a Family Member Meeting

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If your loved one is still resisting, consider calling a family meeting. Bring together a group of the people your parent trusts the most and have a loving, motivational meeting as a united front. Focus on the positive selling points of moving, such as meeting new friends, no more housekeeping, delicious meals and a convenient lifestyle.

4. Take Them on a Tour of Retirement Communities

Take your loved one on a tour of the top facilities in your area. They can get a chance to have a meal or do an activity and get a feel for the new environment. Seeing the community in person and getting a chance to talk to current residents may dispel some myths or assumptions they have about assisted living care.


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