Assisted Living in Bel Air, MD

When families tour our assisted living facility, we always hear the same reply: “This feels more like a beautiful private residence — not a retirement facility.” That’s our precise goal. 

At Bel Air Assisted Living in Maryland, our residents experience the comfort of living in a warm, personalized, luxurious dwelling,  where everyone feels catered to individually.  It’s a very different approach than larger facilities that may have a beautiful entryway, but then treat their residents as just one of many people filling their rooms.  Our goal is to provide just what our residents need and want with a minimum wait time for assistance.  

From cable TV, en-suite rooms, an array of daily activities as well as assistance with medication management, and a multitude of medical and personal services that come on-site, Bel Air Assisted Living has it all. Our staffing levels far exceed the levels required in Maryland for assisted living staffing.   This allows us to provide specialized attention to everyone.  no wonder our residents love it here! 

Dedicated Caregivers

Great assisted living starts with personal attention. A full staff of assistants under the supervision of our delegating nurse, as well as a trained chef, rather than a cook, with daily housekeeping, individual laundry service, and a doctor who comes on-site, are some of the amenities available to your loved one. By having each staff member focused on the needs of only a few residents we’re able to take care of your family like they’re our family. A simple press of a call button by a resident, and a staff member will respond within moments. From there, whatever the resident wants will be attended to immediately. We can truly say that assisted living at Bel Air Assisted Living is like having a family member around, 24-hours a day.

Our staff takes care of all the everyday tasks, like linen, laundry, cleaning, and meals, leaving family members free to do what’s most important — socialize and enjoy just spending time with your loved ones. There is no need to take off time from work to facilitate doctor’s appointments, no more running to the pharmacy.  These things can all be facilitated right here at Bel Air Assisted Living.  But there is no need for families to worry that they are missing out on information about their loved one’s condition.  We pride ourselves on our close communication with family members through phone, text, and email.  You will even receive weekly report cards that include updates on your loved one.  The level of communication and accessibility we will provide to you is highly unique and something that you will not find in a typical corporate assisted living.  Our families were particularly appreciative and relieved by this during the past year of pandemic restrictions, but our everyday motto is that there can never be enough communication and collaboration.  

Our Assisted Living Program

For assisted living residents, our top priority is exceptional care in a luxury setting. At all times, our staff works to provide a high-end, elegant living environment. We do not rest until every resident is comfortable, pampered, and happy. 

Some of our luxury services include

  • 3 meals a day prepared by a trained chef
  • Cable TV and private phone lines in every room
  • Individualized laundry
  • Bathing assistance
  • Engaging activities
  • Individual suites

Your loved one is closely attended to.  Because of our size and level of staffing, Bel Air Assisted Living can provide the kind of care you want for your loved one. 

Not Your Ordinary Facility

Unlike corporate facilities, our owner and management team are dedicated to providing compassionate care, rather than focused on maximizing profit for shareholders.  At larger facilities, staffing levels are low, and there are many hidden costs, both of which increase profitability.  We select caregivers who have a true calling to care for the elderly and have enough staff on-site so that our staff can provide the care they are proud of. To every resident, our message is clear: “You can keep your existing life — we’re just here to help you when you need it.” If you consider the personal care and respect our facility offers, we’re confident your loved one will find assisted living at Bel Air Assisted Living to be a lot like living at home… just a little bit easier.

Fulfilling Activities

Our activities calendar is full to the brim, and there’s tons of fun to be had every day at Bel Air Assisted Living. From arts and crafts and listening to music to devotional services, movie nights, there’s never a dull moment. 

No Hidden Charges

There are three levels of senior care in Maryland, with each one representing a hierarchy of needs. We’re qualified to house all three levels, and you can find out which one you or your loved one is in by filling out the relevant state assessment forms.

Our transparent pricing structure has flat rates for each of the three levels and no hidden charges. Our fully inclusive fees cover everything, including the room, medication management, food, and care. With no fluctuating monthly rates to worry about, you can truly plan your budget and feel safe in the knowledge there won’t be any last-minute changes. 

Independence With Support As Needed

After years of hard work, we have proudly reinvented assisted living. The assisted living program at Bel Air Assisted Living is unlike anything else in America. Our beautiful private residence, combined with loving, one-on-one attention, is so different from large facilities that you have to see it to believe it.

If you’d like to find out more or book a tour of the facility, call us today at 410-893-9164.