Hospice Care

We offer residents the ability to age in place at Bel Air Assisted Living. Which means when hospice care is appropriate, a resident does not have to move out of our community to receive this care. Many people think that hospice care is only for patients who are in a “hospice house” or their own home. This is not true. The area’s top rated hospice providers deliver hospice care in Bel Air Assisted Living.

Many times family and caregivers feel it is best if the patient is allowed to remain in Bel Air Assisted Living. This is their home – the place they know and are comfortable. The place where they have developed close friendships with other residents and with staff.

By selecting hospice care, residents can remain in Bel Air Assisted Living during their last months of life. Hospice care is provided by an outside agency, which is paid for by Medicare, along with Bel Air Assisted Living’s staff continuing to provide the day-to-day care. Both organizations work closely together to provide the best possible care for your loved one.