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Hospice care is one of the many services that can be provided on site at Bel Air Assisted Living. When residents join our community, they are able to ‘age in place’.

Discussion of transitioning to hospice care typically begins after an assessment by a resident’s physician or nurse when it is clear that medical conditions have progressed. Hospice care can also be suggested during a hospital stay, or requested by a loved one based on a resident’s living will or advance directives.

In other cases, residents are already enrolled with hospice services when they move to Bel Air Assisted Living. This transition occurs because families are not able to provide the necessary level of care and supervision within their own homes. Hospice agencies provide minimal assistance with day to day care. Most families have very little experience providing hands on care, and have multiple other life responsibilities, so it is typically a great relief to hand over caregiving responsibilities to the staff at Bel Air Assisted Living.

In addition, when receiving care at home, aging parents can feel like a burden to their stressed children. So it can also feel like a relief for our residents to receive care from a team that has caregiving as a vocation, and is able to provide their full attention to meeting resident needs.

Some residents even thrive to the extent that after moving to our senior living facility, they improve in their overall health and well being and no longer require hospice services.

End of life treatment choices are difficult to make and options can be confusing to families. The medical team at Bel Air Assisted Living provides education and support to the families of our residents as they determine if and when hospice care is an appropriate choice for their loved one. If families decide to proceed with hospice, our staff then provides guidance regarding the process of selecting a hospice agency and understanding the services they offer.

Bel Air Assisted Living works with the top Hospice Providers in the region, and coordination with hospice providers is smooth and seamless. That way, family members can focus on just being present, rather than on overwhelming logistical details and caregiving responsibilities. Families are able to focus on being loving and caring, while we provide service and support.

Dedicated Caregivers

Great assisted living starts with personal attention

Although there is ‘no place like home,’ we provide a warm and caring environment in a beautiful setting that feels much more like home than the environment of an Inpatient Hospice Facility which is more clinical and hospital-like.

Residents enrolled in hospice receive their standard day-to-day care from the Bel Air Assisted living staff, with the addition of evaluation and treatment recommendations by the hospice provider. Residents of Bel Air Assisted Living who enroll in hospice continue to live in the environment they have been accustomed to, and are cared for by staff they know. This helps them stay relaxed and oriented and minimizes stress and confusion during this difficult time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our caregivers and medical team are up to date with all CDC and Maryland Department of Health rules and guidelines. We prioritize health and safety, and are happy to answer any questions about our protocols.
Twice a year, the assisted living manager and delegating nurse lead a full review of each resident’s personalized service plan. Our entire medical staff participates in the review. Additionally, if at any time the resident’s mental, physical, emotional, or social needs change, the personalized service plan may be placed under voluntary review. For example, a service plan review typically occurs after hospitalization or when a new diagnosis is delivered. Whenever the personalized service plan is updated, our entire staff is briefed on the change and trained to accommodate it.
Home health agencies are hired to meet specific needs including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care, hospice care, podiatry services, mobile x-ray services, and lab work. In addition, our registered nurse and house doctor are on call 24 hours a day. For a full list of amenities, please see our Amenities page.

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