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“To all who have cared for me… Thank you so much for your tender loving care over the past 6 plus years. You’ve become part of my family. Many thanks for all you’ve done.”

Evelyn W. -

“Words cannot express how much we appreciate your love, support, encouragement, kindness, compassion, gentleness, understanding, and just the daily TLC you generously give our parents and us! You are angels and a blessing, we appreciate and treasure! A note cannot express the love and gratitude we have for you all. You have a very special place in our hearts!”

Sharon S. and Debbie H. -

“I think your staff have done a wondeful job with Mildred. She is the best I’ve seen her since she was home.”

Chris M. -

“You truly go the extra mile and take care of patients with a more complex set of problems. Thank you for making it work for so many families.”

Karen C. -

“Your care was excellent and much above anything else mom ever received. Our sincerest thanks to you all.”

Pat G. -

“I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the care you gave my father. He loved staying there and I could tell when he was in hospice at the hospital, he wanted to get there as soon as he could.”

Dan M. -

“I was thinking of you and your staff the other night and about how you do probably the most sacred work there is in loving people… with such care and dignity. There is a special place in heaven reserved for you.”

Jen R. -

“Thank you for your loving care for Mom.”

Kathy R. -

“I am glad that you and your staff were able to be a part of my dad’s life because of the caring and compassion that he received.”

Brett L. -

“Thank you for taking care of my mom and all the love you give her.”

Patricia D. -

“Thank you all and tell every angel that took care of mom, Thank you.”

Denise K. -

“Though Evelyn may be gone, all that you did for her over the years is not forgotten. Thank you for all the loving care you provided.”

The De’Grouchy Family -