Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation Services Following Your Hospital Stay

Did you know that physical and occupational therapy services can be provided at Bel Air Assisted Living?

Many of our residents come to live with us after they are told during a hospital stay that returning to their own home is not safe for their overall health and wellbeing and they need to go to a “rehab” and then to an assisted living.

If a hospital says my elderly parent needs to go to ‘rehab’, what does that mean?

When used in this way, ‘rehab’ generally refers to a separate facility that provides an intense level of services designed to get your loved one back toward the level of function they had prior to going to the hospital. These services may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy, as well as medical care.

Frequently, individuals are transferred directly from the hospital to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility ‘rehab’, prior to their eventual move to Bel Air Assisted Living.

In some cases, however, coming directly to Bel Air Assisted Living may be a more comfortable choice.  Depending on an individual’s level of rehabilitation need, and their ability to participate in intensive rehabilitation services, Bel Air Assisted Living may provide an alternative option.  We encourage families to talk to the hospital discharge coordinators and hospital physical and occupational therapy staff to see if receiving rehabilitation services at Bel Air Assisted Living may be the right fit for their loved one.

Why would I have physical therapy and other rehabilitation services at Bel Air Assisted Living following a hospital stay, rather than go to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility?

  • Just One Move.  If rehabilitation is done directly at Bel Air Assisted Living, there is no need to move twice.  Having multiple moves can be difficult and disorienting for residents and very challenging for families.  We strive to make the adjustment to living at Bel Air Assisted Living a smooth transition for everyone involved.
  • Personalized Level of Care. At Bel Air Assisted Living, rehabilitation services can be tailored to an individual’s needs and physical capacity. Some residents are just not able to tolerate the schedule of multiple hours per day of physical therapy that is standard at Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities. The therapists who come on site to Bel Air Assisted Living can offer a less intense rehabilitation schedule, which can be a better fit for some individuals.  In addition, depending on the therapy provider selected, these less intense services can be delivered over a longer timeframe, giving an individual a more gentle pathway toward regaining their strength, balance and dexterity.
  • Comfortable, Home-like Environment.  Being surrounded by their own furniture and belongings, doing things according to their own schedule and spending time in luxury community areas can give our residents the emotional ‘lift’ they need to give 100% effort toward their therapy program.
  • Delicious meals.  Doing physical and occupational therapy can be challenging, and having a good level of nutrition is key to succeeding.  Our chef prides herself on keeping our residents healthy and happy through the meals she provides.  She knows what everyone likes for breakfast, and serves them with a smile, whatever time they get up, so they are ready to have a great day and do their best in their therapy.
  • Consistent staff.  Another part of the personalized experience at Bel Air Assisted Living is how quickly our residents and staff get to know each other.  Our residents are soon comfortable and at ease in their own new home, without a lot of different staff coming and going.  And our staff is always up to date on the rehabilitation plan, so that activities can be practiced even when the therapists are not in the building.
  • Smaller facility.  Our one-level building is easy to navigate.  Residents quickly become a part of things, and we make sure no one is left out.

Does Medicare cover Rehabilitation Services at Bel Air Assisted Living?

Medicare can cover Physical and Occupational Therapy as a Home Care Benefit following a hospitalization.  Details of coverage depend on your specific Medicare Plan and the Rehabilitation Services Provider you choose to work with.  Additional fees for living in the facility would be discussed with Bel Air Assisted Living prior to enrollment.

Are Physical and Occupational Therapy Services Provided directly by the Staff of Bel Air Assisted Living?

Bel Air Assisted Living coordinates therapy services, but the services are not provided directly by our staff.  You have a choice of independent therapy providers.  Some of the therapy providers we have worked with include:

Can I have additional Rehabilitation Services provided at Bel Air Assisted Living, after being discharged from an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility?

Yes, depending on your treatment plan, you may be eligible to have rehabilitation services at Bel Air Assisted Living, even if you decide to go to an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility prior to moving in with us.

What types of rehabilitation therapy can be received at Bel Air Assisted Living?

Physical, Occupational, and Speech and Language Therapy

Contact Bel Air Assisted living today to learn more about our rehabilitation services in Harford County, MD or call (410) 893-9164 to speak with one of our senior living experts or to book a free tour of our facility.

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