Realizing that a loved one is dealing with a neurological disorder or cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, is a difficult situation. You may have known something was wrong for a while, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Now that you know what’s happening, you understand the road ahead will be tough.

Some try to care for their loved ones alone or with the help of family members. It soon becomes evident that your loved one needs more care than you can at home. But you want them to have a home-like environment where they can thrive.

Bel Air Assisted Living has a dedicated memory care program to ensure individuals who have Alzheimer’s and dementia-related conditions can receive the care they need. Learning a bit about why Bel Air Assisted Living is the premier option for memory care in Harford County may help you decide on assisted living services for memory care.

Why Memory Care Is Essential

Memory care is a specialized form of care provided to those with varying degrees of dementia or Alzheimer’s. It involves creating a structured environment that reduces stress, enhances safety, and maintains a high quality of life for its residents. The importance of memory care lies in its ability to provide a secure, nurturing environment that caters to the specific needs of individuals with memory impairments, offering them the dignity and care they deserve.

Engaging memory care activity at Bel Air Assisted Living, designed to improve cognitive function and resident happiness

What Sets Bel Air Assisted Living Above Other

Memory Care Assisted Living Centers in the Area?

A loving family atmosphere is the top factor that sets Bel Air Assisted Living above other memory care assisted living centers that offer memory care services.

Our goal is to help each resident live a full and meaningful life. When families come to visit, they will find themselves spending time with their loved one in a comfortable living room, doing some of the same kinds of things they used to do in their own homes – eating communal meals, watching sports or movies together, or decorating cookies for the holidays.

Our activities director and staff ensure that individuals with all cognitive levels are included and engaged in ways that work for them.

Our Core Mission is Comfort & Compassion

Our philosophy is to create an open, supportive, and normal environment for individuals with cognitive challenges rather than a restricted environment that focuses on deficits and prevents them from participating in regular activities.

Our memory care staff gets to know the residents so we can nurture them and give them the support they need. The health care quality of our staff members who work with our memory care patients is all noted with their training and certification. They have decades of experience with a variety of conditions, including frontotemporal, vascular, and semantic dementia. We also have experience with dementia with Lewy bodies and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dedicated assisted living and memory care staff offering compassionate care and support, ensuring a high quality of life for assisted living residents

What Can Memory Care Patients Expect

at Bel Air Assisted Living?

Quality Senior Care for Those Needing

Dementia or Alzheimer’s Care

In addition to all the engagement and activities described above, we use cueing and coaching techniques to help residents remain as independent as possible, with staff ready to step in when needed. All our memory care residents receive help remembering when it’s time for meals, activities, and bed. They also have assistance with eating and drinking. We work closely with them to ensure they take their medications and get all the help they need.

Our staff members also watch for signs a resident is in pain to ensure they’re getting the proper pain management. We work closely with clinicians in the community at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Levindale, Upper Chesapeake Hospital, and Greater Baltimore Medical Center to make sure our residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia have state-of-the-art treatment to continue to live their best lives.

Another benefit of our memory care program is that the residents can socialize with community members who are in other programs. They’ll be able to enjoy time with people here for respite stays, independent living, and senior living.

Innovative dementia care programs at Bel Air Assisted Living for residents in need of memory care; all done to improve one's brain health and function in daily living

What Kind of Security Measures Does

Bel Air Assisted Living Use?

We know that keeping memory care residents safe is a priority. This is at the heart of our program. Our doors are secured to prevent residents from wandering outside alone. Our facility is a single-story building, so there’s no worry about anyone having to navigate stairs or elevators or losing their way.

Our team works closely with the residents to enhance safety. We have specific techniques to help calm distressed residents and redirect them toward positive thoughts and experiences.

Bel Air Assisted Living realizes that seeing familiar faces greatly benefits our memory care residents. We have a consistent group of experienced caregivers rather than changing staff that come and go, so your family members will always see familiar faces. On top of that, you can visit whenever you want. Our doors are open to loved ones around the clock.

Choosing Bel Air Assisted Living

Choosing the right memory care facility is a significant decision for families. Bel Air Assisted Living stands out as a beacon of hope and care in Harford County, offering compassionate care, expert medical attention, and a warm, family-like atmosphere. Our dedicated team, specialized programs, and commitment to each resident’s well-being make us the premier choice for your loved one’s memory care needs.

If you’re ready to explore Bel Air Assisted Living so you can see firsthand why we’re the best, give us a call at 410-893-9164 to schedule your tour. We’ll be happy to show you around and discuss how our amenities, including a personal chef and a high staff-to-resident ratio, will benefit your loved one.