A memory care unit offers skilled nursing that’s distinct from what’s offered in assisted living communities. People with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have additional needs, and each staff member who interacts with them requires specific training. Above all, residents with these illnesses need compassionate care and around-the-clock attention to keep them safe and comfortable.

Keep reading to learn about the most important questions to ask while touring a memory care facility.

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Asking the Right Questions Leads to the Right Memory Care Community

Choosing a memory care facility can be overwhelming for family members, and knowing where to start is often a challenge. Most people begin with a Google search, but the most critical step is to book a tour and see a memory care facility for yourself. Be sure to have a list of questions ready to ask the director, and approach the situation as you would an interview.

Top Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Memory Care Facility

Assisted living medical staff helping a senior womanThese questions focus on health care, general well-being, and social activities. That’s because people with dementia can be fragile and vulnerable and require cognitive stimulation to help them feel safe and calm.

Memory care staff should be trained to assist with dementia-specific issues, but they should also treat residents as beloved family members. The key is to find the perfect balance between professional and compassionate care.

Here’s a comprehensive list of questions to ask:

  1. Tell me about your community’s philosophy about each resident’s well-being.
  2. What special care do people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia get?
  3. Do the living arrangements include private rooms?
  4. How is the memory care community secured?
  5. How many residents are there?
  6. Tell me about the special events and activities schedule.
  7. Elaborate on the amenities and services provided at your memory care facility.
  8. How many meals per day are offered?
  9. When are staff members on shift?
  10. What medical services can memory care residents access?
  11. How much assistance with daily living will my family member get?
  12. Is support for family members available?
  13. Does each resident get a personalized dementia care plan?
  14. How do you handle challenging situations such as disruptive behaviors and wandering?
  15. Which health markers are checked regularly?

The Benefits of Memory Care Facilities

One of the questions to ask when touring a memory care facility is if they have activities for seniors

People with early-stage dementia might not need to leave home. However, if you have safety concerns or worry about your loved one’s social nourishment, it’s time to consider moving them into a memory care community. As dementia progresses, it causes cognitive decline and can lead to dangerous behaviors such as wandering and getting lost.

Memory care communities can provide daily access to conversation and social activities, with staff and supervision available 24/7 in secured buildings. Your loved one won’t need to worry about maintaining a home. If you’re a family caregiver, you can start enjoying your time together without any pressure.

Why Choose Bel Air Assisted Living?

At Bel Air Assisted Living, we go the extra mile. With memory care residents grouped together with assisted living, independent living, and respite care residents, there’s additional scope for varied and meaningful social interactions. All staff are specially trained and must pass a test to work with people who have dementia. Other reasons include:

  • We treat each resident like family.
  • Every resident receives a personalized care plan that’s regularly updated.
  • Staff is on hand around the clock, and family members can visit 24/7.
  • The staff-to-resident ratio is higher than in any other local community.
  • A personal chef prepares three meals per day for each resident, with special requests catered to.

Take a Look Around One of the Top Memory Care Communities in Maryland

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