Searching for a senior living facility in Maryland will lead you to a lot of possibilities. While larger options may be more visible and recognizable from the highway,  many people don’t realize all the benefits that come with smaller communities. Bel Air Assisted Living provides a warm and comfortable ambiance on a more personal scale than you could find in a larger facility. Our senior care residence is housed on one floor, without stairs, long hallways or an elevator.  Because our building is smaller and more intimate, it is easy to move back and forth from resident suites to meals and activities.  

At larger facilities, activities and amenities are promoted during tours, but when residents actually move in, they find that they end up spending much of their time in their own rooms because the distance to get from their rooms to common areas is too far to navigate easily. You may hear other facilities describe their activity options as being like a ‘cruise-ship.’  But before making a decision, it is important to take a moment to reflect whether a cruise ship would actually be a manageable environment for your loved one.  Residents and families often don’t think of this practical issue when they are comparing facilities.  

Prior to moving to a senior living environment, seniors living in their own homes typically travel small distances between the living room, bedroom and kitchen.  It is easy to get from lunch back to the bedroom for a quick nap. Wouldn’t you want that ease of living in your new home, as well?  This just isn’t possible in a larger assisted living.  Residents sometimes even find that they need to change from walking to using a wheelchair to move throughout the larger complexes.  

At Bel Air Assisted Living, we have created an environment where there is no barrier to prevent seniors from coming out of their suites to participate in the community, and then returning for that nap.   When you hear about our activities during your tour,  you can be confident that residents actually participate in them, because it is easy to do so.  

The staff at Bel Air Assisted Living prioritizes working with our residents to maintain their mobility.  Keeping things on a personal, human scale helps us accomplish this goal.  We would never want someone to transition to using a wheelchair just because of where they live.  And for residents who do have mobility limitations, our staff is easily available to provide support, encouragement and assistance when needed.

We’re a family here at Bel Air Assisted Living.

Residents Receive Personalized Care

Every resident at Bel Air Assisted Living receives personalized care. Our small facility is able to tailor the activities and offerings to our residents’ needs and preferences. When new residents join us, our Assisted Living Manager talks with them and their families to gather details of favorite meals and pastimes, and to learn about their lives prior to coming to stay with us.  Residents will soon find their favorite meals popping up on the community menu, and activities designed with them in mind.  Staff members are able to engage our residents in conversations related to the story of their lives.  Our chef makes breakfast to order, and residents are happy to see that she soon knows exactly how they like their eggs and coffee, even without asking.  At Bel Air Assisted Living, everyone quickly becomes ‘a regular’ in the dining room. 

Another advantage to being a smaller facility is in how well our staff knows our residents’ health care needs.  Bel Air Assisted Living has  a small, close-knit group of caregivers that are proud to work in our facility.  Because our staff is so consistent, they can quickly pick up on a change in medical status or resident well-being and alert our delegating nurse and the resident’s doctor.  The staff administering medications is consistent and very familiar with each resident’s treatment plan.  At a larger facility, you will find staff that comes and goes, and reads about residents from their charts rather than knowing them so personally. 

A smaller setting can also be helpful for preventing the contagious spread of infection.  Our staff is carefully trained in infection control techniques, and a setting with consistent staff can help decrease the risk of exposure to infectious diseases that comes from lots of different people coming into and going out of  the building.

At Bel Air Assisted Living, we pride ourself in our responsiveness to the needs of our residents.  In an area where most care facilities employ an average of one caregiver on staff to meet the needs of  15 residents, we provide nearly three times that number of staff. That means your needs can be met more quickly and thoroughly than what you’re likely to experience in a larger facility. Our dedicated staff members provide “white glove” service to every resident.

Services Evolve as Residents’ Needs Change

Often residents first come to Bel Air Assisted Living as a respite stay, or for a brief rehabilitation stay after a hospitalization.  Later, they return and move into one of our private suites once they need a little extra help with daily activities.  As care needs increase, our caregiving staff works with the medical team to adjust what is needed.

We also offer memory care services, and the smaller scale of our residence ensures that you’re always around familiar faces and working with staff members who know your needs and preferences.  Residents aren’t dealing with a constant influx of new people, which can be disorienting for individuals with dementia who are using our memory care service.

Some residents also come to us for hospice care, when their families are not able to coordinate the level of caregiving assistance needed in their own homes.  

Family Members Are Always Welcome

Another benefit of choosing a smaller assisted living facility is that your family members can visit more often. At Bel Air Assisted Living, family members can visit around the clock every day of the week. This enables you to have your loved ones around when you need them. Visitors are welcome in the shared areas of our facility, but you can also entertain them in the privacy of your suite. 

When families can’t be there in person, they are able to enjoy our “Any-Time FaceTime” service.  Our staff is happy to coordinate video connection at any time that works with residents and their families.  

In addition, families receive weekly ‘report cards’ on their loved ones health and participation in meals and activities.  We want to make sure our families are up to date on everything that is happening, whether they are able to visit or not.  This is another one of the many personalized services that you would not be able to find at a larger facility.

We’re a privately owned facility, so you don’t have to worry about corporate bureaucracy getting in the way of you being able to enjoy your time here. You have access to the owner of the facility, so you know any concerns you have will be addressed.

Bel Air Assisted Living houses 16 suites for residents. Each of these has a private bathroom for your convenience. Our staff members help you keep your suite tidy, and we also offer a laundry service.

Residents Form a Support System

Since we have a small number of residents, they can all get to know each other. This enables them to bond while doing their favorite activities. Our residents are encouraged to eat meals together to increase social interactions and develop friendships. These meals are prepared by a personal chef, and they take individual dietary restrictions into account.

Residents can enjoy physical fitness groups, religious services and a host of other activities here. 

Explore What Sets Bel Air Assisted Living Above Larger Options

We know you have your choice of independent living options in the Baltimore area. Bel Air Assisted Living is ready to show you why our small, elegant yet family-like facility is a step above other larger options in the area. Call us at 410-893-9164 to discuss your needs with us and set up a tour so you can see firsthand what life is like at Bel Air Assisted Living.