Be Clear When Asking For Help Posted September 5, 2019


Contributed By: Activities Coordinator Courtney

There are many compassionate people in any community that are willing to help family caregivers if you know who to ask and how to ask. The who is often neighbors, charitable groups, schools and community organizations. The how is to be specific in the type of help and time commitment you are looking for. We have found it is much easier to attract a volunteer when you say "I am hoping to have someone come by who can play an instrument, has an hour to spare on Tuesday and feels comfortable around the elderly." It pays off for us. We are thrilled when Noel (a local high school freshman) graciously comes by to play piano and then lead the group in balloon volleyball.

Helpful Caregiver Tips

Our staff is happy to share experiences that can help family members who are caring for an elderly loved one. We invite you to browse through our Caregiver Tips.
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