More Reasons To Add Music Posted July 30, 2019


Contributed By: Activities Coordinator Courtney

I would like to build on Caregiver Tip #5 - Music Soothes, And Much More - and the benefits of making music a vital part of caregiving.  Combining listening, singing and movement activates multiple areas of the brain.  Music can evoke emotion.  Emotion can awaken memories and lead to movement, such as keeping the beat.  When listening with a group, music can lead to social engagement and the sharing of memories.  "I remember when I first heard..."  When seniors dance to the music, in addition to being valuable exercise, it can improve balance and coordination.  Even more important, it can lead to touch, hugs and kisses - important elements in feeling wanted and appreciated, and often in short supply to seniors living on their own.  So bring on the familiar tunes and help escort those in your care down memory lane.

Thank you to the Just Having Fun Singers who performed in this video.