Hydes, MD Assisted Living

Some people need a little extra assistance with daily tasks as they get older. For many, there’s still a considerable ability to remain independent but not quite enough to enable them to remain home by themselves safely. Bel Air Assisted Living is the answer to this conundrum.

The professionals at Bel Air Assisted Living are here to help Baltimore County senior citizens live safely and comfortably without the need to enter a nursing home. Our assisted living home proudly serves people in the Hydes, Maryland, area with a variety of services that enable them to enjoy their lives while getting the help they need.

Luxury Accommodations

Hydes residents are likely accustomed to a small-town feeling. You can enjoy that same feeling with a luxurious touch right here at Bel Air Assisted Living. Our home features 16 private rooms, each with its own private bathroom. You can decorate your room to your own liking so it truly becomes your home.

Residents at Bel Air also enjoy our community areas. We have a dining room where residents can enjoy their meals, all of which are made by our personal chef. We encourage our residents to eat together but understand that peace and solitude are sometimes necessary.

Our residents all receive regular housekeeping services, including daily tidying and weekly cleaning of their rooms. We also have a linen service and laundry service to take the burden of laundry off the residents. In-house doctor visits, mobile X-ray services, and therapies such as speech, physical, and speech are performed in the building. This ensures all our residents get the care they need.

Knowledgeable Staff Members

Bel Air Assisted Living is a family-like atmosphere. Our residents and staff members get to know each other. We have a very low staff turnover, so there are always familiar faces around. We also have the best staff-to-resident ratio. We average nearly three times as many caregivers per resident as other assisted living homes in the Greater Baltimore area.

Our care team personalizes a plan for each resident.  Bel Air prides itself on being very attentive to each person who lives here. We offer the ability to age in place through a tiered services system. As your needs change, our staff members can make the adjustments necessary to help you.

We offer independent living, assisted living, memory care, and respite care. Being able to move through these programs as needed means you get to remain in the place you’re familiar with, surrounded by people who care for you.

Daily Activities

We also have other common areas where residents can entertain family members and friends. Some also house arts and crafts, fitness classes, and other activities for our residents. 

 We plan our activities carefully according to what our residents need and want. Whether we’re going to Kingsville or venturing out a little farther, our staff members find experiences our residents will enjoy.

Contact Bel Air Assisted Living Today

The residents and staff members at Bel Air become a family. We also encourage each resident’s family members to visit. We’re open around the clock for family visits, so your loved ones can stop by here regardless of their schedule.

When you’re ready to experience living in the premier assisted living home in Maryland, give Bel Air a call. We can discuss your needs and schedule you for a tour of our luxury living home. You can email us at [email protected] or call us at 410-893-9164 to get started. We’re ready to help you find the balance between getting assistance and remaining independent.