Trying to find an assisted living home where your loved one can enjoy their life is often a challenge. The situation becomes even more complicated when your family member needs the extra care of a memory care facility. This is the case if a person is dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or a similar condition.

There are many factors you need to consider if you’re trying to find an assisted living facility that has a memory care program. These can all directly impact how your loved one fares in the program. Here are some of the most important ones to think about:

Need For a Routine

People who have memory disorders and cognitive impairments need to have consistency and routine. At Bel Air Assisted Living, the memory care program has staff members who become family with the residents. Our luxury facility has a very low turnover of staff members, so your loved one will enjoy seeing familiar faces on a daily basis.

The routine here isn’t one that leads to boredom. Our residents have ample activities they can take part in daily. We also have entertainment options available. Plus, we encourage family visits around the clock, so you can always stop by to check on your loved one and spend some time with them.

High Staff-to-Patient Ratio

Bel Air Assisted Living wants our residents to have the best care possible. In order to achieve this, we have almost three times more caregivers per resident than other similar facilities in the area. In fact, the average of all facilities in the greater Baltimore area is 1 caregiver per 15 residents, which isn’t sufficient to provide optimal care for the residents at the facility.

Transition Options

One thing some people don’t consider is the need to find an assisted living home that can transition with their loved one. As their needs change, the facility should be able to accommodate those needs. Besides our unique memory care options, Bel Air Assisted Living also has other programs that enable your loved one to stay in a place that’s familiar.

Personalized Care Options

Residents who are in our memory care program will enjoy personalized care options. Our boutique facility is housed on one story so there aren’t any stairs to navigate. We also have secured exits to help keep our residents safe.

All our residents can enjoy meals that are cooked by a personal chef. We take individual preferences and dietary needs into account when we prepare their meals. We encourage group meals for all our residents to encourage socialization..

Our management prides itself in frequent and detailed communication with families so that we can make sure everything is just right for our residents, and family members are kept up to date with any changes.  We are happy to accommodate personal preferences and requests.  We are skilled at working with families to ensure our residents are comfortable and have their needs met, even if cognitive limitations make it difficult for them to communicate what they like on their own.  We also offer house calls by our staff physician when a resident needs care. Each resident has a personal care plan that’s tailored to their needs so we can ensure we’re meeting those.

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